The Bicolano language predominates in Sorsogon as a language used by its people. English and Filipino are the official languages used in education and various forms of communications. But Bicolano, as used in this province has some peculiarities. What is known as "Bikol Naga" is used in written communications and generally understood as a spoken language.

However, there are Bikol languages peculiar to certain specific places. For example, people in Bacon, Prieto Diaz and Magallanes speak the Albay Bikol variant. In Sorsogon City, Casiguran and Juban, Bicolano is slightly different for some of the terms used are similar to Hiligaynon, which is mainly spoken in Western Visayas, Negros Island Region, and southwestern Masbate.

Barcelona, Gubat, Bulusan, Matnog, Irosin and Santa Magdalena speak a dialect which uses terms and tones, similar to the Waray-Waray of Eastern Visayas (especially that of Northern Samar), called Gubat. The people of Pilar and Donsol speak a dialect similar but not exactly alike to the "Miraya Bicol" or the dialect spoken by the nearby towns of Camalig and Daraga in Albay province. The Castilla dialect is the same as that of Daraga.

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