Hello and Welcome to My Website, Stranger,

I don't know how you managed to find this little haven of mine but I am glad you have, please be my guest and have a good close look at it, not half bad eh? Well I'll just assume you think so

So let's se...Oh who am I? Well you can call me "Yukino" or "Yuki", or "Yu", or "that typically generic, loner and lazy teenager who likes to sit on their butt playing games, while snorting powdered cheese flavored potato chips and chugging Mountain Dew, like its coccaine and alcohol, but thanks to a miracle, have manage to make their own website

Well if you think that the latter might have been too specific, well its because it's.....probably true, and before you say something, HEY! this is my life, I shape it and I control it, if I choose to live as modern indoor caveman addict, then I'll be more than happy to die as one

Okay, what was I gonna sa...Oh yeah, now that you're here might as well show you what I got, its a new site so I'm not gonna have many things available yet, since this little haven of mine is basically a storage my for website projects in Senior High, high probability that this will be abandoned after I'm done, but oh well at least I've put in "some" effort into it. And by some I meant...nevermind.

Here's the first one I got for ya.

Project 1 : Province

And here is where I copi...I mean Referenced my Project.


Well that's about it really.
Again Welcome and Enjoy your Stay